Everyone panics when they are on an eating program or weight reduction program when it comes to eating out. With LCHF you don’t have to worry, it actually is pretty easy.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on family gatherings and social events, or being tempted by the wrong things, because you will be able to maintain your program by clever food selections when you are out and socialising.


Everyone loves going out for breakfast. If you are doing Intermittent fasting, (IF) make this your first meal, and time your next meal inside your eating window from here. If you are not doing IF, no problems.

Choose things from the menu that you can eat, like eggs, poached, scrambled or how you like them, bacon, salmon, omelette, sausage, and ask the waiter to withhold the toast or bread, hash browns or anything not on Low Carb.

Usually, because there is no bread, they give you extra eggs etc to fill the plate. It’s great!! Don’t choose granola, fruit or waffles, or anything made with grains. And skip the juices, stick to water, tea or coffee.

Lunch and Dinner

Eating out at lunch and dinner is much easier, because there is usually a large variety of LCHF goodies to choose from the menu. Again when ordering your meal, ask the waiter not to include the potatoes or fries, noodles, rice or any grain sides that may accompany the dish. Often they will ask you if you would like extra roasted vegetables or salad instead. This is perfect.

If you are hungry, order an entrée and a main course to fill you up. The sacrifice here is to skip dessert. Just go straight for tea or coffee, and avoid the temptation.

Christmas feasts

Whether you celebrate Christmas at breakfast, lunch or dinner, there will always be low carb foods on offer, lovely eggs, Christmas ham, seafood platters, turkey, salads, vegetables, and plenty more as well.

Remember, LCHF foods are very filling, so fill your plate with the foods that are on the plan, go back for seconds until you are full, and then you won’t need to look at the desserts when they arrive.

The best Christmas gift you can give yourself is to stay healthy. It is worth the sacrifice and you will be the envy of everyone else who eats themselves into a food coma.

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