It is becoming increasingly clear that this Covid19 virus is a disease that affects certain groups in the community. Our precious aged population has been greatly affected, and sadly this is always the case every flu season. But another group of people who are being greatly affected are those with something called Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome doubles the risk of a severe infection, triples the risk of requiring ventilation, and doubles the risk of death. How do you know if you have metabolic syndrome? This disorder is characterised by 5 signs and symptoms.

  1. Central adiposity…fat around your middle, and organs.
  2. Hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  3. Diabetes, pre- diabetes or hyperinsulinemia.
  4. High blood triglycerides levels.
  5. Low HDL cholesterol.

These cause a weakening of the innate and adaptive immune system, so the patient has a weakened and reduced immune response to first infection. As the virus takes hold and begins to multiply it causes a rapid and severe response called a cytokine storm.

This is when Intensive Care is required.

This is serious and life threatening. If you think you may be prone to this happening, you can actually start to make changes today, to reduce your risk. You need to change your diet. You need to cut out all sugars, natural or In processed food. You need to cut out all grains, wheat, rice, oats, corn, quinoa, and you need to stop having any vegetable oils, like canola, soybean, sunflower, safflower oils. These have all been proven to worsen your metabolic syndrome.

You need to eat foods rich in Zinc like oysters, or take a zinc supplement.

Vitamin D and C supplements are also recommended to boost your immune system. Speak to your doctor about this, but these few changes can literally save your life. Some practitioners also recommended doing the carnivore diet for 1-3 months. This will definitely resolve your metabolic syndrome in the safest and quickest way possible. After this time, you can revert back to Low carb or Keto, or you may decide to stay a carnivore and enjoy the many other health benefits that come with this lifestyle. Ask me more.

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