I have had the most wonderful experience having Pauline as my coach from the first day I began the program 3 months ago. The energy I have experienced is amazing, I no longer have the mid-afternoon slump and wake up energetic. It has also helped with my menopause symptoms which is the main reason I began the program. I have also lost weight and love the flat tummy feeling without ever going hungry. My husband being a coeliac despite being on a strict Gluten Free diet continued to experience gut issues, decided to give the program a go and Wow! What a difference it made!

No more gut issues and he lost his “Man gut”, while eating the most delicious foods. We love the program and can’t believe we have not been deprived of our favourite foods. Pauline is an amazing coach, she always checks in regularly with you so you stay on track. She advises and sends loads of valuable information. She really has changed our lives for the better. We highly recommend Pauline to be your coach if you feel you need to get your health back in check.