My Sister Pauline, a life saver, literally.

Something I did not know could be this simple and give me back my body!! I became a ‘’happy’’ person again inside, which has me feeling more alive, beautiful, energetic, younger, and confident!!

After a visit to my Dr last year in October 2020, I was told, amongst other things, that I had high cholesterol, I was overweight and pre-diabetic and would need to take pills to keep it in check!!

Well, that was the catalyst that changed my life. I was in a dark place in my life, I did not even like the reflection in the mirror either, but to continue life the way I had been by eating ‘’comfort’’ food and taking poisonous prescription pills that would eventually kill me anyway, I knew then I had to do something!!

With Pauline’s expert help and support, the weight literally ‘’melted’’ off me!! It was so easy to follow, and I was eating a ton of tasty recipes and experimenting with many new ones and did not even have to urge to eat junk food!!

It was a wonderful surprise to jump on the scales each week and see yet another Kg gone! Results like this are very encouraging, not to mention Pauline’s guidance throughout the whole process and recipes too.

My weight is perfect and there is no sign of high cholesterol or prediabetes anymore, not to mention that previously that I suffered terribly from major muscular/neurological inflammation i.e.: severe back pain, sciatica, and scoliosis, all dissipated through eating good wholesome unprocessed meat and vegetables.

Love you Pauline.